Panelist Spotlight: Tatum Allsep (Music Health Alliance)

10 Feb


Tatum is an honors graduate of Vanderbilt University and a nineteen-year veteran of the music industry. Her career includes six years with MCA Records, artist management for the legendary Americana band, The Derailers, and the launch of the first-ever Vanderbilt Medical Center/ Children’s Hospital Music Industry Relations Department. There she pioneered a number of impactful programs including Dierks Bentley’s Miles and Music for Kids, Project Paper Doll, Musicians On Call, and CMA Sound Healthcare. Tatum co-founded Sound Healthcare, an expansion of CMA Sound Healthcare and a for-profit business created to bring health insurance and advocacy to members of music trade organizations. This experience provided Tatum with a first-hand look into the growing need for a full service healthcare advocacy firm to protect and serve the music community, so she formed Music Health Alliance. Through MHA, Tatum initiated a new model of healthcare advocacy that removed the profit motive from health insurance, while providing a wide range of healthcare resource options to protect, direct and connect an exposed demographic. In the last year MHA has secured over $2 million in healthcare financial resources for music professionals.    Tatum serves on a number of non-profit board of directors and she’s a member of the CMA, ACM, NARAS and the AMA. Tatum is married to the love of her life and has three young children.


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