PAM 2015

Protect Athens Music 2015

The 40 Watt Club on Tuesday, March 3 from 4:30-7:00pm.

What’s On Your Sleeve: The Role of Record Labels Today

This panel featured record label representatives, musicians, and other industry experts discussing what types of agreements labels offered, the best options for bands would be given levels of popularity and goals, and the necessity of labels to the current artist. Andrew Rieger moderated.


  • Tommy Robinson (New West Records)
  • Jay Cooper (This Is American Music)
  • James Barber
  • Thomas Johnson (Futurebirds)

Do It Yourself or Go With The Pros: Publicity in the Internet Era

This panel addressed the extent to which artists should handle their own publicity or utilize professionals, the mechanics of a good press kit, and what kinds of actions are likely to get you more or less coverage for your recordings or tours. Michelle Davis, former Flagpole Music Editor and SELS President, moderated.


  • Alyssa DeHayes (Riot Act Media)
  • Mike Turner (Crashing Through Publicity, Happy Birthday To Me Records)
  • Gabe Vodicka (Flagpole)
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